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What the papers say...

What the papers say...

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October 2001 - IBS sufferer M.M
"I emerged feeling half-a-stone lighter, my hair shiner and my stomach flatter, and the puffiness had gone from under my eyes.
The next day I felt alert and energetic and my bowels felt like those of a new woman: no feeling of 'unfinished business' after going to the loo. I'll definity be doing this again. "
The Sunday Times
January 1997 – Hazel Courteney
"On Wednesday, I decided to consult my friend Margie Finchell and have a quick colonic irragation. Margie washes out all the stars - it's amazing who one can share a colonic pipe with these days!"
The Daily Mail
September 1996
"What's the alternative" by Hazel Courteney: IG from Kent found that colonic irragation helped her chronic thrush: She says "Colonic therapist, Margie Finchell, explained that my gut was still full of problems which she felt had been caused by excessive antibiotics and suggested a course of six colonics. After this internal cleansing my energy levels have normalised and I am able to live a normal life "
You Magazine
February 1992 - Nina Myskow
"In all, the treament lasted an hour and a half (on average it's an hour) with no fuss, no yuk, no smell. A worring thought - would I leak all the way home?
Of course not. I felt light-headed and light of step, bounding with energy."
Time Out
November 1989
"If you do decide to try it, Finchell claims the benefits are outstanding. Apart from its physical value, it is, she insists, enormously uplifting both emotionally and mentally. The poisons are banished from the system. Everyone feels and looks marvellous."