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What the papers say...

What the papers say...

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May 2005 – Elegantly waisted – Lucia Ferrari
"A series of colonic-irrigation treatments is a sure way to achieve a flatter stomach. Margie Finchell is one of the most trusted practitioners in the business”.
Spirit & Destiny
October 2003 - Sian Lewis
"The next morning I felt amazing and got as close as I ever do to leaping out of bed. My skin was cleaner than any facial has ever left it and I felt healthy, light and mentally alert".
September 2003 - fashion's secret address book - Francesca Martin
"We reveal all the contacts you'll need to be a true fashion insider. For colonic irrigation - Margie FInchell cleanses the fashion fraternity".
January 2003
"Urban myths abound about inept operators leaving clients in a less-than-fit state to hail a taxi with one arm-lift too many, and sploosh! No such worries with Margie though. She's been doing it for 15 years and she's the best in the business."
February 2002 - The Ultimate Beauty & Health Address Book
"Best complementary therapist for colonic irragation: Margie Finchell."
September 2001 -The little Black Book of Beauty
"Only the best is good enough for Laura Patten. Margie Finchell's colonic irragation will give your skin better results than you could possibly imagine. It will also make your eyes brighter than ever."