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What the papers say...

What the papers say...

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Margie Finchell’s reputation as a colonic hydrotherapist comes from her broad press coverage and what clients say about her:
Spa Guide 2012
"Margie FInchell is the queen of colonic irrigation…an absolute gem, she ensures painless, non-embarrassing release. While the bowel empties, she heals with a quantum wave laser – a cold healing light that undoes stress in the adrenals and the nervous system".


8th February 2011 – Body Talk – Yasmine Gibson
"Suddenly the party is next week and those plans to hit the gym have fallen by the wayside. But OK!’s friends in the know swear colonic irrigation will do wonders. You’ll kickstart your healthy living plan in double-quick time. Our favourite is Margie Finchell, a therapist with decades of experience".
Harper's Bazaar
February 2010 – Beauty – Kathleen Baird-Murray
"…Margie Finchell, queen of the colonic cleanse, tells me that some vegetarians actually have worse colons the carnivores, because they eat too much dairy…The healthiest colons? Well, you need to drink raw juices every day, made from freshly crushed green vegetables".


September 2007 – “Would I lie to you” - Olivia Falcon
"Margie Finchell is the godmother of the gut. Her ‘gravitational’ method uses energised, alkalised water that has been put through a magnetic installation".
The London Paper
3rd January 2007 – London’s top 50 Wellbeing Gurus – Lucy Mayhew
"With 30 years’ experience, Margie really knows how to make blocked-up, bloated patients feel light and well. While carrying out her treatment, she delivers insightful advice on how to eat and live better".
January 2006 – Olivia Falcon
"…revered colonic queen Margie Finchell…Margie’s discreet Marylebone address is the hot tip on the girlfriend grapevine. She is London’s most trusted colonic hydrotherapist…With her motherly manner and cosy treatment room…in only an hour…ash-grey complexions are restored to a healthy, glowing pink and gurgling acid potbellies deflate".