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Margie Finchell’s reputation as a colonic hydrotherapist comes from her broad press coverage and what clients say about her:


May 2005 – Elegantly waisted – Lucia Ferrari
"A series of colonic-irrigation treatments is a sure way to achieve a flatter stomach. Margie Finchell is one of the most trusted practitioners in the business”.
January 2006 – Olivia Falcon
“…revered colonic queen Margie Finchell…Margie’s discreet Marylebone address is the hot tip on the girlfriend grapevine. She is London’s most trusted colonic hydrotherapist…With her motherly manner and cosy treatment room…in only an hour…ash-grey complexions are restored to a healthy, glowing pink and gurgling acid potbellies deflate”.
3rd January 2007 – London’s top 50 Wellbeing Gurus – Lucy Mayhew
“With 30 years’ experience, Margie really knows how to make blocked-up, bloated patients feel light and well. While carrying out her treatment, she delivers insightful advice on how to eat and live better”.
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