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Margie Finchell  


Having grown fast in customer popularity over the past 25 years, Colonic Hydrotherapy is now widely recognised in Britain as a basic pillar of complementary medicine.

Over all this 25 year period, Margie Finchell has operated a successful practice in Colonic Hydrotherapy located in Central London.

Her practice attracts health-minded women and men both resident in the Central London area and frequent visitors from around the world.

A member of ARCH (Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists) since 1987. Margie trained in England under Dr Milo Siewert and from the very start of her practice, she has employed in her clinic, the “Dr Wood Gravitation method” with disposables. This is a very gentle, but most effective means of cleansing the colon, further enhanced by the simultaneous use of quantum wave laser treatment. People leave feeling lighter and brighter.

As a result of her dedication to each client’s needs, Margie has earned consistent accolades in Britain’s leading newspapers and magazines with ABC category readership.